About Us

Embroidery Design is what I do.

What I do is make a software program  to tell your Embroidery machine what to do. That is how computerized embroidery machines know what to do and how to do it. Know it or not that is what digitizing is and that is what you pay for. Everything that, that  machine does it does because somebody told it to that. How well it runs and how good it looks is controlled through this process


Starting back in the early 80's . We punched off of a  draft attached to a board and did not know how good of a job we did until the sample was run off on the embroidery machine. Then you either did it over or cut and spliced paper tape together to fix the area that needed redone. Wow what a whole different world of digitizing it is today. But the basics are the same. Needle and fabric to make art or logos.


So remember with Embroidery it is not what you do but how you do it! So give me a try at SUNTEX STUDIOS              

Might can make your life a little easier.